digitise. automate. integrate.


digital workflows. 

automated advantage.

Say goodbye to unorganized document flows within your organisation. 

Effect empowers companies by digitising and automating document-driven business workflows.

Our winning formula? Cutting-edge technology and seamless integration capabilities.


Turn documents into business assets.

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We implement the best digital products for maximum impact.

 Intelligent Document Processing Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

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Document Management and Workflow Automation made easy. 

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Invoice Automation 

We automate your Accounts Payable or Purchase-to-Pay through Artificial Intelligence combined with critical master data relevant to the supplier invoices. 

 automatic invoice capture

 advanced invoice recognition through artificial intelligence

 ERP & accounting master data enrichment on the invoice

 dynamic integration with your own application ecosystem

Supercharge your financial workflows now

Order Automation

We can automate your Order-to-Cash (O2C) process for a better customer journey experience and also for faster cash collection. 

We help you to reduce time in order intake by automating incoming e-mails and orders in any format (PDF, XML, CSV, ...). We extract all relevant order data and present all relevant order values before creating the Sales Order. 

 Automatic e-mail capture

 Automatic order data extraction through artificial intelligence

 data transfer to any business application

Contract Management

Tired of searching for relevant contracts at any given time? Look no further..

We digitise and extract value from contracts and all other time-bound documents subject to deadlines.

 digitise contracts, certifications, drivers licenses, employment contracts, ...

 extract all relevant meta data for intelligent search and knowledge distribution

 advanced rights management for security